New Domain

When I started this blog two years ago, I wanted a place on the web that could highlight my professional accomplishments, where I could post all the academic work I’d done because I was going to be well-known (or something… I don’t really know) in the world of library science.

But that didn’t really work out, and, per request from one of my former teachers, I removed some assignments and made everything else private. Then I started a video blog and re-vamped this blog a couple of months ago to focus more on the book reviews about which I’ve been vlogging and writing outside of my career as a Professional Librarian.

In effect, this blog became less about real-life me (a.k.a. rachelalexandr) and more about online me (a.k.a. thewasofshall). Hence the name change. will still function until the end of August, but I’ve changed my blog name and url to – I’d be much appreciative if you could change your links as well. If you’re arriving here via my wordpress link,, don’t fret – that will always work because SOMEBODY HAS MY WORDPRESS NAME ALREADY. >:(


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